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Millions of Americans receive advertisements in the mail with pictures of missing children and their alleged abductors. Many people quickly glance at the pictures, some study them more carefully, and some do not look at all. In the vast majority of cases, these children have been abducted by relatives, usually a parent. As research has demonstrated, the most prevalent form of child abduction in the United States is parental kidnapping.

Despite close to 35 years of organized concern about missing children, and despite the creation of missing child prevention and intervention programs, the family abduction problem remains one area where efforts may be the least developed.The landmark NISMART–1 study found that family abduction can result in psychological harm to the child (Finkelhor, Hotaling, and Sedlak, 1990). Other studies have also found that family abduction cases may not receive the attention needed from the criminal justice system and that international family abductions in particular may be more difficult to resolve and often involve serious characteristics (e.g., concealment, threats).


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Parental abduction can have a devastating impact on the child who is abducted and also on the parent who is left behind. A quick recovery is crucial to reducing the trauma to both child and parent. The early and continuing involvement of an experienced and knowledgeable private investigator specializing in divorce, child custody, missing-persons and family abduction cases can make the difference in how effectively the search is conducted and can influence how quickly the child is recovered.


This website is brought to you by Bobby Ray Stacy and Thorobred Investigations. We specialize in missing-persons cases generally, and the safe and rapid recovery of missing and abducted children in particular. This includes both family and non-family abduction scenarios, nationally and internationally.

Mr. Stacy is both a legally-ordained minister and a licensed private investigator. His experience with and involvement in high-profile missing-persons cases goes back 20 years. He has been featured numerous times in the newspapers and on TV.

Mr. Stacy often takes on particularly challenging assignments for financially-distressed clients on a “pro-bono” basis as attorneys sometimes do, charging only the legitimate expenses required to close the case while waiving his standard hourly or daily fee for investigative services rendered.

If your child is missing due to a family abduction scenario or otherwise and you do not know who to turn to for assistance, Thorobred Investigations is here to help. You may contact Mr. Stacy anytime day or night: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year at the Thorobred Hotline Number:

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